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Bingo Bundle

Bingo Bundle

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Are you looking for a fun game that will expand your children's vocabulary while you play? Then check out these exciting BINGO games!

Your children will learn vocabulary words that pertain to special occasions, seasons, and holidays. Plus, these games are fun to play at family gatherings and class parties.

So grab this bundle of educational bingo games to play with your family and friends!

What You'll Receive

11 downloadable PDFs you can print that include:

  • Word cards to cut apart and pull out of a bowl
  • A master scorecard to keep track of words
  • Unique scorecards

What if I don't know how to play BINGO?

Instructions are included!

Can I print on regular paper?

Yes, you can use regular white paper to print and play BINGO! However,

I recommend white cardstock as the game will last longer.

This Bingo Bundle is a collection of 11 digital products for you to download and print.

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